Theater Arts Teacher

Adda Clevenger, San Francisco, CA

Posted Oct 6, 2020

Job Summary
Theater Arts at Adda Clevenger:
A common theme in all programs at Adda Clevenger is the development of our students as confident and competent communicators. The performing arts play a significant role in this development, as students learn to communicate through their actions and their attention to others. On stage, actors cannot simply turn to someone and tell them what they want them to do, they must communicate through their acting: through their actions and through their response to the actions of others. This is a highly concentrated communicative experience.
Students begin theater arts classes in third grade, learning to use their voices and bodies as performance instruments, writing and devising stories and characters, understanding the elements of performance (scenes, shots, dialog, costumes etc.), and further developing the collaborative skills they learned in earlier grades. Students continue to explore these themes in later grades, using theater sports and increasingly complex and demanding performance pieces. Students are expected to have multiple opportunities to perform works on stage throughout the year. Speech and debate are introduced in 5th grade and continue through 8th grade. Theater tech is an elective and a very popular choice for many students. It is learned and practiced as an after-school club. The Theater Arts Teacher will moderate and coach the Theater Tech Club.

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Requirements / Qualifications
Teaching at Adda Clevenger:
Primary grades (3-4) have Theater Arts classes 2-3 times per week. Middle school grades (5-8) have daily Speech and Theater Arts classes. The average course load for teachers is 4 – 5 instructional periods per day, 5 days per week, rounded out by lunch/recess supervision, advisory duties, substitute coverage, special projects and prep periods. Our regular school day is from 8:00am - 5:00pm and academic classes are scheduled throughout the entire day. Teacher prep takes place during the school day. There are 180 instructional days, with several 1-to-3 week breaks throughout the year.

All teachers participate in school life in a variety of ways. For example, some teachers support student productions and performances as stage managers, others take the lead in organizing Spirit Day activities or moderating a student club.

Adda Clevenger teachers enjoy considerable autonomy in their classrooms and are responsible for developing and maintaining their own subject matter curricula. We believe that the teacher and the students are the two critical elements of an effective classroom and the curriculum must derive from and be continually and creatively adapted to their changing needs and environment.


Personal qualifications
- Strong instructional skills and classroom management
- Excellent communication skills
- Highly organized
- Holds self to a high standard of professionalism in conversations with students and fellow staff, appearance and overall demeanor

Professional qualifications
- Bachelor’s degree from a competitive college or university
- Strong theater arts and theater tech background, acquired through education, teaching experience or both. A degree in performing arts or a performance or drama related discipline is highly desirable
- 2+ years’ head teaching experience at primary, middle or high school level
- Valid California teaching credential or equivalent from out of state or international desirable but not required

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